LS Engine Fittings

Numerous adapters and fittings specifcally for LS engines from Earls
  1. Part # AN Thread Side B Power Steering Pump Adapter Price Qty
    961961ERL -6 3/4-16 A.N. Adapter to Power Steering Pump. Use with Holley Pump.
    Power Steering Pump Adapter
  2. Part # Port Size Oil Cooler Block-Off Plate Price Qty
    LS0020ERL 1/8NPT GM LS Oil Cooler Block-Off Plate with NPT Gauge Port. Includes Block-Off Plate, O-ring, and Mounting Screws. Black Anodized. Aluminum.
    Oil Cooler Block-Off Plate
  3. Part # Port Thread Dry Sump Adapter Price Qty
    0019ERL -12 O-Ring LS/LT Dry Sump Adapter. Fits GM OEM Dry Sump Oil Pans - LS3, LS7, LS9 (Dry Sump Pans Only). Black Anodized. Aluminum.
    Dry Sump Adapter
  4. Part # Harmonic Balancer Bolts Price Qty
    DBT-001ERL Harmonic Balancer Bolt, Ford 351C 12-Pt. w/o Logo
    DBT-002ERL Harmonic Balancer Bolt, SBC 12-Pt. w/o Logo
    DBT-003ERL Harmonic Balancer Bolt, BBC 12-Pt. w/o Logo
    DBT-004ERL Harmonic Balancer Bolt, GM LS 12-Pt. w/o Logo
    DBT-005ERL Harmonic Balancer Bolt, Ford 289-351W 12-Pt. w/o Logo
    DBT-006ERL Harmonic Balancer Bolt, Pontiac 12-Pt. w/o Logo
    Harmonic Balancer Bolts
  5. Part # AN Thread LS Vent Adapters Price Qty
    LS9807ERL -3 Single Out (One Pair) LS Vent Adapter
    LS9808ERL -3 Dual Out (One Pair) LS Vent Adapter
    LS9809ERL -3 One Single and One Dual Out LS Vent Adapter
    LS9804ERL -4 Single Out (One Pair) LS Vent Adapter
    LS9805ERL -4 Dual Out (One Pair) LS Vent Adapter
    LS9806ERL -4 One Single and One Dual Out LS Vent Adapter
    LS Vent Adapters

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