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LS0024ERL Earls -4 Clutch Adapter Fitting. Fits Late Model T56 Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing, Includes Release Tool. Aluminum. Black Anodized.
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The hydraulic clutch system on late-model GM LS vehicles uses a plastic clutch hose that is tough to modify when doing an engine swap. The OEM plastic hose can also expand and many not work correctly in high heat, high pressure, or with a racing clutch. This special quick connect adapter allows fits into the metal tube on the OEM slave cylinder and allows an easy conversion to -4 PTFE lined stainless steel hydraulic clutch hose (Speed-Flex hose assembly) without removal of the transmission. This adapter allows more flexibility in an engine swap since an aftermarket clutch master cylinder can be used & the hose length can be changed. Sold individually & includes release tool.


Billet 2024-T8 Aluminum Brand Earls
Anodized Black for Corrosion Resistance and Appearance Does Not Require the Removal of Transmission to Install Stainless Braided Hose
Improved Pedal Feel w/ Braided Stainless Steel PTFE Clutch Hose (Speed Flex/Speed Seal – Instead of Plastic Hose) Ideal for Engine Swaps & Vehicles That Use After-Market Master Cylinders w/ the OEM Clutch Release Bearing
Use w/ Earls AN -4 Speed-Seal/Speed-Flex Hose – or Premade Speed-Flex PTFE Lined Hose Release Tool Included
OE (Original Equipment) Like Fitment and Functionality Emmission Code 5


Part # LS0024ERL
AN Size -4


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