EFI Vapor Guard Hose - Pre-cut

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Part # Manufacturer Hose Size Length EFI Vapor Guard Hose - Pre-cut Price Qty
751055ERL Earls 5/16 10 ft EFI Vapor Guard Hose. 10-ft Pre-cut.
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751066ERL Earls 3/8 10 ft EFI Vapor Guard Hose. 10-ft Pre-cut.
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752055ERL Earls 5/16 20 ft EFI Vapor Guard Hose. 20-ft Pre-cut.
752066ERL Earls 3/8 20 ft EFI Vapor Guard Hose. 20-ft Pre-cut.
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Modern fuels are at war with your fuel system. Modern fuels (more than 40 EPA-approved fuel blends in the US alone) include additives that break down traditional rubber hose. This breakdown leads to potentially dangerous leaks & weeping as well as vapors that waste fuel and leave unwanted odors in your shop. Once fuel lines are degraded, hose particles can contaminate and obstruct fuel injectors and carburetor passages. Earl's Vapor Guard hose and hose ends provide a complete, economical solution that virtually eliminates these fuel permeation issues common with most rubber fuel lines. The secret to Earl's Vapor Guard hose is in its layers. The innermost Primary Barrier Layer offers high resistance to heat and aggressive fuels. The middle Earl's Vapor Guard™ Barrier is a Thermoplastic layer that provides superior fuel isolation and virtually eliminates vapors from escaping through the hose. The Exterior Cover Barrier provides extreme tolerance to heat and ozone giving Earl's Vapor Guard a three way shield against hose deterioration.


Multi-layer rubber hose with a liner designed to withstand corrosive modern fuels Brand Earls
Fuel Injection Hose – Rated Maximum 225 PSI Use with Vapor Gaurd or Traditional Push-On Hose Ends
Multi-fuel compatible: Approved for use with leaded and unleaded Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, E-85, 100% Methanol, ETHANOL and Gasohol fuels A two foot section of Earl’s Vapor Guard saves one gallon of gas each year as compared to traditional rubber hose from
Primary Barrier Liner – initial layer offers high resistance to heat and aggressive fuels Vapor Guard Barrier – Thermoplastic layer provides superior fuel isolation significantly reducing vapors from escaping through the hose
Reinforcement braid-aramid material – (EFI hose only) is used to provide the higher pressure rating that is required with fuel injection Exterior cover – provides extreme tolerance of heat and ozone
Choose from carburetor or higher pressure EFI hose Hose available in 5/16” and 3/8” sizes
Not for use in applications where the hose is submersed in fuel Emission code 5
Temperature Range -40°F to 275°f Bio-Fuels, Coolant, Diesel, E85, Pump Gas and Race Gas
Sold by 10 feet and 20 feet  
Fluid Type Rating - Bio-Fuels


Fluid Type Rating - Coolant


Fluid Type Rating - Diesel


Fluid Type Rating - E85


Fluid Type Rating - Methanol/Alcohol


Fluid Type Rating - Pump Gas


Fluid Type Rating - Race Gas



Part # 751066ERL 752066ERL
Hose Size 3/8" 3/8"
Max Vacuum 10 in Hg 10 in Hg
Min Bend Radius 2.5" 2.5"
O.D. 0.625" 0.625"
Part # 751055ERL 752055ERL
Hose Size 5/16" 5/16"
Max Vacuum 10 in Hg 10 in Hg
Min Bend Radius 2.5" 2.5"
O.D. 0.585" 0.585"


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