Submersible Vapor Guard Hose - Pre-cut

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Part # Manufacturer Hose Size Length Submersible Vapor Guard Hose - Pre-cut Price Qty
740255ERL Earls 5/16 2 ft Submersible Vapor Guard Hose. 2-ft Pre-cut.
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740266ERL Earls 3/8 2 ft Submersible Vapor Guard Hose. 2-ft Pre-cut.
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Earls Vapor Guard™ submersible fuel hose is ideal for use inside fuel tanks to attach the in-tank fuel pump or pickup. Most other fuel hoses are designed to handle fuel only on the inside of the hose & can cause damage to the hose when submersed in fuel. Ideal for use w/ race gas, pump gas, alcohol & ethanol blend gasoline, biodiesel, and diesel fuel. Available in 5/16" or 3/8" sizes and sold in 2-foot lengths.


Fuel Hose – Ideal for Use Inside the Fuel Tank Brand Earls
Can Be Submersed in Fuel Maximum Working Pressure: 100 PSI
Available in 5/16” or 3/8” Sizes Temperature Range: -40⁰ F to 302⁰ F
Sold in 24” Long Length Compatible Fuels: Race Gas, Pump Gas, Alcohol & Ethanol blended Gasoline, Biodiesel, and Diesel
Exceeds SAE 30R10 Standard Use with Vapor Guard and Push-On Hose Ends
Emmision code 5  
Fluid Type Rating - Bio-Fuels


Fluid Type Rating - Coolant


Fluid Type Rating - Diesel


Fluid Type Rating - E85


Fluid Type Rating - Methanol/Alcohol


Fluid Type Rating - Pump Gas


Fluid Type Rating - Race Gas



Part # 740255ERL 740266ERL
Hose Size 5/16" 3/8"
Max PSI 100 PSI 100 PSI
Max Vacuum 10 in Hg 10 in Hg
Min Bend Radius 2.5" 2.5"
Outside Diameter 0.585" 0.625"



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