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SWIVEL-SEAL: hose ends are designed to be used with Earl's Perform-o-Flex, Auto-Flex & Ruff Stuff stainless braid protected hose. Not intended for use on any other Earl's hose. Use with other manufacturers hose is not recommended.

SWIVEL-SEAL: Top of the line in hose ends for stainless braid covered, synthetic rubber hose. Earl's patented Swivel Seal Hose Ends incorporate the finest design qualities of any hose ends made, including a feature not found on other hose ends - adjustability after assembly. The patented design allows for the largest inside diameter for maximum flow and feature a cutter style method of attachment, viton o-rings, stainless steel locking pins and all mandrel bent tubes.  Recommended for use with Perform - O - Flex hose. 
SWIVEL-SEAL offers the quality demanded by virtually every professional racing sanctioning body, including CART, FISA, NHRA, SCCA, USAC, NASCAR and IRL.





We are open and filling orders including overnight and international orders during the COVID-19 crisis. A.O.G. & Defense Dept. orders can also be serviced same day.